About us Every minute that passes, more financial transactions are made through the Betfair Sports Betting Exchange than through the London Stock Exchange. Traderline is the platform where professionals and advanced traders are able to buy and sell sports assets. Traderline's goal is to continuously surpass the expectations of sports traders, always offering them the best software with innovative solutions and practices that meet all their needs. Traderline works by reading data from the largest sports betting exchange in the world, Betfair, which is quoted in the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Traderline doesn't process bets. It's a software that reads and interprets Betfair's data and offers multiple interfaces to the users, which aim to help read and analyze the markets. That allows for a more scientific, precise and accurate approach regarding the sports markets, as is the case for stock markets. Traderline's biggest advantage is its speed, interfaces and unique features. In May 2014, Traderline was certified by the Danish government (Spillemyndigheden) and it became the first authorized software of its kind in this country. It currently still is the only authorized one. In September 2014, Traderline was once again certified, this time in Italy, by AAMS, where it's once again the first and only software of its kind to meet all of the legal requirements.
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