Lay Betting on the Favorite Strategy Strategy: This strategy involves placing a lay bet on the match's favorite before the match begins, in pre-live, in the probabilities market. A position against the favorite is opened before the start of the match, with hopes of closing it with a back bet placed on the favorite once the odds to back increase, in case the favorite doesn't score in the first few minutes.

The speed with which the odds move in this market is higher than in the normal probabilities market. It's possible to make profit more quickly, especially if the non-favorite team scores.

You should 15/20 after the start of the match to close the position with the back bet.
Criteria: You should look for a match with an odd for the favorite that is lower than 2.00 in the probabilities market.
Stake Amount: The stake should be high and it's up to each investor to choose the specific amount.
Example: A lay bet worth €100 is placed on the favorite, in pre-live, at an odd of 1.75, in the probabilities market.

15 minutes after the start of the match, if the match stayed 0-0 with an odd to back of 2.00 (for example), you can close the position with a back bet placed on the favorite, with an €87.50 stake. That way, you can make a profit of €12.50.