Bingo Strategy Strategy: This strategy involves placing a lay bet on the current result of the match and it should be applied while the match is on extra time. The odds should be 1.20 or lower for league matches with a large number of goals scored in the final moments of the match.

While it is simple, this strategy requires a good ability to read the match during its final minutes. In case you see that one of the teams is creating a large number of goal opportunities in the last minutes, you should consider placing a lay bet on the current result.

Placing a lay bet at 1.20 means that you need to win one in every five bets to keep a positive balance. Also, considering the low odd for lay bets, the amount you risk is low compared to the potential profit, that is, you are risking €2 to earn €10.
Criteria: You should pick matches with an odd of 1.20 or lower for lay bets on the current result. The matches should also show a difference of one goal between the two teams on the current result, that is, 0-1, 2-1 or 3-2. Differences larger than 1 goal are a sign that the losing team may have given up on achieving a draw.
Stake Amount: The stake of the lay bet at an odd of 1.20 should be one that results in a comfortable liability for investors.