Estratégia de Apostas no Resultado Exacto Strategy: In this strategy, you place a Back bet on three of the Exact Results:
  • 1-1
  • 2-1
  • 1-2
If the match remains 0-0 at 30 minutes, consider the possibility of placing a small bet on 2-2, taking into account the performances of the teams and goal opportunities.
Criteria: When applying this strategy, the evolution of two other markets is considered:
  • First, look for matches where the favorite's odd is higher than 1.8 in the probabilities market;
  • 2. Then, check the Over/Under goals market and look for matches where the odd for Under 2.5 goals is between 1.90-2.10.
If these criteria are confirmed, it's likely that the odds for the outcome 1-1 are between 7.00-8.50, and for the remaining outcomes, between 11-13.
Stake Amount: Place a bet on 1-1 with a stake 1.5 times higher than the stake of the bets for the other two results.
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