Lay the Draw Strategy Strategy: This strategy involves placing LAY bets on a draw at odds of 2.00, 1.50 and 1.25, with a €10 stake for each odd.

The goal is to profit from the goals that occur in the final moments of football matches, that is, goals that occur between minutes 76 and 90.
  • In matches drawn 0-0, an odd of 2.00 for the draw in the probabilities market should be reached between minutes 60-65. When placing a bet at this odd, you expect a goal to occur within the next 30 minutes.
  • Between minutes 75-80, the market of the draw reaches the odd of 1.50. When placing a lay bet at this odd, you expect a goal to occur within the next 15 minutes.
  • An odd of 1.25 is reached from minute 88 onwards and, taking the extra time into account, there are about 5/7 minutes left for a goal to be scored.
Criteria: The application of this strategy takes into account the evolution of two other markets:
  • First, look for matches where the favorite's odd is higher than 1.8 in the probabilities market;
  • Then, check the Over/Under goals market and look for matches where the odd of Under 2.5 goals is between 1.90-2.10.
This strategy should be applied in matches of the English, Spanish and German leagues. This is because it's only in these leagues that a large number of goals are scored in the final moments of the matches.

You should avoid matches where many red cards are given.
Stake Amount: The stake should be the same for each odd, such as €10 bets.