Lay the Draw Strategy Strategy: This strategy consists of placing a LAY bet on a Draw at odds up to €2.As soon as a goal is scored in the match, the position should be closed with profit using the Trade button. If no goal is scored, you can assume that you lost.

To apply this strategy more powerfully and increase your profits, you should place three lay bets on a draw during the second half of the match, in case the result remains 0-0. This way, you strengthen your initial position while waiting for a goal to appear in the final moments of the match. These three bets can be placed at to the following odds:
  • 2.40
  • 2.00
  • 1.60
Criteria: To assess the possibility of goals being scored during the second half, take a look at the Traderline statistics for the match at hand. If one team is constantly attacking and has made a large number of shots, it's very likely that it will score a goal during the second half of the match. If 60 minutes into the match, one of the teams has shown 5 or more dangerous attacks to the opposite team's goal, this is a good indicator that a goal should be scored during the second half.
Stake Amount: You can stake the following reference values on a draw:
  • Stake €20 on the first bet;
  • Stake €15 on the first, second and third bets (after the half-time).