Scalping Strategy Strategy: Scalping is a strategy which employs trades that last for few minutes, in markets following a downtrend. With this trend in mind, you start by placing a back bet, followed by a lay bet, taking advantage of the falling odds in this short period to make profit.

This technique is applied mostly in the following markets:
  • Under 1.5/2.5 goals market;
  • Exact result market;
  • Probabilities market, with a draw as the result;
  • The analysis of the under 1.5 goals market shows that it depreciates about 40 ticks every 10 minutes. This means that, at half-time, the odd for this result will be close to 1.80, after starting at 3.20/3.30. So, with scalping, you should place back bets at the start of the match and wait for the odd to fall during the first minutes of the match, before closing the position with a lay bet. In this market, only two goals would result in the loss of the total amount staked. The under 2.5 market is less risky and has slower variations in the odds. During the first 10 minutes of the match, the odds may vary by up to 25 ticks. This market also shows higher liquidity, so it has fewer holes between odds.
  • Trading on the exact result is very profitable, especially with odds higher than 10, because the depreciation of these odds involves large sums. In case only one goal is scored, you will lose the total stake, which makes this market somewhat risky. This is why it's important to follow the match live while you're trading, choosing the moments where the match is stalled to enter the market.
  • The draw in the probabilities market is very used for trading through the lay the draw strategy. Those who apply this strategy know that from minute 60 onwards, the odds for the draw drop sharply, in case the match is still drawn. Trading on the draw should only be made during the second half, because during the first half, the odds fall slowly.
You should bet while watching the match live, since this is the only way of knowing what's going on in the match – if a team immediately starts creating goal opportunities right in the first minutes, you should consider not scalping on this match.
Criteria: You should look for matches where the teams usually don't score during the first 15 minutes of the match and take advantage of the holes between odds with no money.

Whenever the odds are higher than 3.00, each odd variation is of 0.05, meaning that 50€ bets result in a profit of €2,50 per tick of variation.

If a goal is scored against the position, you can keep it open, hoping that no other goal is scored, or you can accept the loss, which will be small, as you will not be losing the full amount of your bet.

It's also important that you watch the match live, in order to choose the best moments of the match to enter the market. You should be exposed in the market for the least amount of time possible.
Stake Amount: The stake is up to each investor to define, according to their bankroll.