User Guide
After opening Traderline, you will be directed to the main menu, from which you can access all the different features offered by the software. This starting menu is divided in six main areas: Sports Browser; Favorite Sports; Upcoming Events; Favorite Markets; Account Information and Settings; Current Bets.
Sports Browser
Here, you can choose the sport that you wish to bet on. Clicking on the sport will let you see the main leagues, divisions and tournaments and you will be able to see the markets that are available for you to place bets. This tree interface lets you easily access any match and any sport.
When you open an event, a tab is opened at the top of the window and, if you have several markets open at the same time, multiple tabs will be opened, just like in browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. You can switch the order of the tabs by dragging them over each other and if you click on the button seen in each tab, the market is opened in a new window..
Favorite Sports
In this area, you can quickly access your favorite sports. This is a very useful option for users who always bet on the same sports, letting them quickly find the main championships and matches where they usually bet. This way, it's possible to remove all the information that is irrelevant for your bets. To add favorite sports, you simply need to right-click with your mouse over the sport of your choice in the tree interface and select the option 'Add Sport to Favorites'.
Upcoming Events
This section shows the upcoming matches and the matches running live or that have already started.
You can look directly for the match you want using the search bar. You simply need to type the name of one of the teams that will be playing to quickly find the market. You can see the upcoming matches (today, tomorrow and the day after). Live matches are marked with a green circle, while matches that are going live soon are marked with a blue circle. All the matches that are running and the respective results.
Favorite Markets
If you bet regularly in several markets, the software will automatically save those you visit the most in your Favorite Markets, so that you later access them quickly without having to look for them in other tabs. To add a market of your preference to your Favorite Markets, you should browse to the market within the respective sport and right-click over the market, selecting the option 'Add to Favorites'.
Account Information and Settings
Current Bets
After opening Traderline, you can quickly see the bets you placed from the main menu. That makes it possible for you to open and close Traderline without having to worry about losing information on your bets, since you'll quickly be able to know which bets are still open by looking at the menu in the lower right corner of Traderline's main menu.