User Guide
In markets where the odds are rapidly changing, it's often difficult to keep up with the evolution of the last matched odd, because it's constantly going up or down, as is the case for horse races. Thinking of this problem, Traderline has a button that centers all the ladders in the last matched odd. This way, you can always see the movement of the odds in the market without getting lost.
Placing Bets
With one-click bets, after determining the amount to stake in Market Details (as seen before) you can place bets on the markets. To place a bet in the grid interface, you simply need to click on the odd to lay (1) or to back (2) at which you want to place your bet and the software will place a bet with the predetermined stake at the chosen odd.
If the market is live, bets won't be automatically placed, since Betfair takes 7 seconds to process bets. Throughout this process, you will receive sound alerts that will let you know if your bet was placed. You can also see if your bet is matched or unmatched in the respective menus on the right side. Bets can be placed with just one click (over the odd) or with a confirmation before the bet is placed.
You can change these settings in Bet Settings (1). When bets are placed, they are automatically put in the Unmatched Bets tab (2) and, once they're matched in the market, they move to the Matched Bets: Back bets (3) or Matched Bets: Lay Bets (4) tabs. In these tabs, you can see the history of bets in the market during your session. Matched bets are the only ones that are permanently placed and can't be cancelled.
Bet Settings
If you select the option Confirm Bet Placement, you authorize the software to confirm a bet before placing it, that is, anytime you click on an odd to place a bet, the software will show a confirmation window.
By including the Betfair Commission in your profits, the profits for each trade are displayed after discounting the 5% commission paid to Betfair. Regarding Bet Persistente, you have three options available: Cancel Live; Keep Live; Initial Price. If you select Cancel Live, the software will cancel the unmatched bets before the event goes live. The second option, Keep Live, leaves unmatched bets waiting for a match when the market goes live. Finally, if you select the option Initial Price, the unmatched bet will be matched at the event's starting odd, even if it's lower than the one initially defined. The Betting Mode lets you determine whether you wish to see the bet by its stake or by its liability. The Tick Offset is an often used tool in trading, because it sets a certain value for the positive variation of the odd at which the trade will automatically close with a certain profit. When selected, the trade will be closed when the odd at which you started the trade shows a positive variation of 1 pip up to 9 pips (1 pip represents the minimum variation of each odd). This tool lets you define the profit with which you want to close the trade. The Stop Loss tool sets a value for the negative variation of the odd at which you'll exit the market with reduced losses. In case the trade doesn't run favorably, this option will automatically close the trade and will keep you from incurring in the larger losses that you would have faced if you stayed in the market with the trade open. Hence, it's a tool to control your losses. The Hedge option appears whenever you select the Tick Offset or Stop Loss options and it's a method used to distribute your profits and losses across all the selections, that is, to ensure that, no matter the final result of the match, you will earn or lose the same amount. Right-click bets is a feature that lets you place bets with the right mouse button at opposite odds, both in the Grid Interface and in the Ladder Interface. By right-clicking on an odd to lay, you'll place a back bet. Similarly, by right-clicking on an odd to back, you'll place a lay bet at that odd. For this feature to be enabled, the option of placing bets with the right mouse button must be selected in Bet Settings.
Bets lower than €2
With Traderline, you can place bets of any amount. For this to be possible, since the standard minimum bets on Betfair are of €2, Traderline uses a procedure which consists in placing three different bets. For that reason, this type of bets takes a bit longer to be processed, compared to the regular, higher than €2, bets.
Closing Trades
When you open a trade, the software immediately calculates the profits and losses for the different odds of the market. This way, to close a trade, you simply need to click on the Trade button, on the right side menu. Alternatively, you can also close the trades by clicking on the amount of loss/profit with which you intend to exit the market. Traderline will place a bet at the respective odd, causing your trade to be closed with the intended loss/profit.
In this example, the trade was started at an odd of 2.36. To close the trade, you simply need to click on the profit (values in green) or loss (values in red) with which you intend to close the trade and the software will then place the respective bet that will let you get the desired amount of profit or loss. The bet won't be immediately matched because the market will have to evolve until it reacbes that odd.