User Guide
Grid Interface
When you open a market, Traderline shows you the grid interface of the market. This interface is similar to Betfair's standard interface, but with several improvements. These improvements are very useful when you want to analyze the markets before making your bets. Using a horse race as an example, we have the following grid interface:
The grid interface gives you a lot of information on the market, which is useful for your analysis.
Reading the Market
Reading the market when the grid interface is enabled is just like reading the market on Betfair. The best odds to back can be found in the blue column and the best odds to lay are in the pink column. The market's liquidity, that is, the maximum stakes to bet at each odd, can be seen under the respective odds.
Interpreting the Market
Chart Options - By clicking on this icon, you'll be able to access a number of charts that let you analyze the evolution of the market for the respective selection. Event Selections - In this column, you'll find the name of each selection / result. In this example, we have the participants of the horse race. If the event is a football or basketball match, you'll see the names of the teams here. Profit and Loss - This field shows the respective profits and losses derived from the bets you placed in the market. Market Balance - This indicator lets you analyze the balance of the odds. For odds to back, a value higher than 100% represents the loss you'll suffer (in percentage) if you bet in every result to back. For example, if the value is 102,76%, as in the image of the example, this means that betting in every result to back would make you lose 2,76% of the amounts staked. The same happens for odds to lay, whenever this indicator shows values lower than 100%. WOM – Weight of Money - This indicator lets you analyze if the investors are placing more lay bets or back bets. Total Amount Traded in the Market - Here you can see the total amounts traded in each selection. The values are abbreviated, which means that €1000 will be written as 1k.
Simple Interface
Traderline shows you a simplified interface, removing all of the unnecessary information and leaving only the information you need for your bets. This simple interface is only available in the Grid Interface and it significantly reduces the amount of information displayed, offering more simplicity for the amateur bettors. To open and close this interface, you simply need to click on the button at the top left side of the grid (shown in the image).