User Guide
Livescore and Live Video
One of the Traderline's features consists in offering the live follow-up of match results and letting users watch some of the matches through Live Video. These tools can be accessed in the Market Details area, when you open a market: 1. LiveScore, when selected, opens an area where you can see the results of all the live events. You also have the option of only filtering the events that interest you, removing information that isn't relevant to you.
2. Live Vídeo lets follow the event live through a video stream. This option is only available for some events. Finally, you can also follow the event in which you're betting directly at the top of the market. When you're betting on football matches, you'll see information on goals, cards, penalties and elapsed time.
Traderline has its own newsfeed, so that you can always follow the match, even when it's not available on Live Vídeo. Traderline broadcasts every minute the most important plays of the match. To see the comment history, you simply need to hover the mouse over the current commentary.
You can also see the starting lineup of each team. To do so, you simply need to hover the mouse over each team. Traderline gathers all the information you need to bet in just one place.