User Guide
Market Details
The window with the market details appears on the right side of Traderline and from here you can configure all the options related to your bets, from the amount to stake to the way the market is displayed.
Define the stake - You can configure bets with predefined stakes or you can manually insert the stake by clicking on the last icon, illustrated with three dots. You can also switch the betting mode between stake and liability, so that the stake corresponds to the chosen stake for the bet or to the liability that you are willing to pay. Pre-live / Live Stopwatches - The Pre-live stopwatch counts the time until the start of the event. Once the event begins, the stopwatch changes to Live and counts the time passed since the start of the event. Profit / Loss of the Open Trade - For traders, this balance shows the amount of profit/loss for each trade. As soon as you close the trade, by clicking on the Trade button, this balance goes back to zero. Total Profit / Loss Accumulated in the Market - This balance calculates the profits and losses of all the bets/trades that you make throughout the session, that is, the profit or loss for each trade is added up, resulting in the global balance of the session in that market. Ladder Interface Settings - This option only appears when the ladder interface is active.
The ladder settings let you select which of the market's selections appear in each ladder. You can have up to 5 open ladders. To select the ladder where a certain selection should appear, you simply need to right-click over that selection and choose the respective ladder.