User Guide
Traderline Tabs
If you trade in several sports simultaneously, you can follow the evolution of your open trades through the color of the vertical bar that you can find at the end of the tab of sports with open trades. In the image below, you can see two tabs with open trades and you can see how their evolution is shown by the green and red colors. The green color (situation 1) means that the open trade in the respective market has evolved favorably and is resulting in profit. If the color of the tab is red (situation 2), then you are facing a loss in the trade open in the respective market.
Traderline also offers the option of dragging the tab of a match and opening a new window with the respective market, similarly to how Internet browsers work. This option is very useful when you are trading in more than one market at the same time, because it lets you open several windows for trading and keep up with all of them simultaneously.